A new idea for 3D gaming

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A new tech idea emerged for gamers that may be a whole new world of 3D!

It’s always hard to resist a game of Pac-Man. Who could say no to a yellow circular thing that charges around a maze while eating pellets and dodging ghosts to the beat of a trippy tune? A recent museum exhibit let players take part in a game of Pac-Man that took up an entire room.

The giant 3D display covered an entire room in New York’s Museum of Art and Design late last month, and entering the room was like stepping into an actual arcade game. A giant projection of Ms. Pac-Man covered the walls and ceiling, and you had to sit down and guide the character through the maze using an Xbox controller.

According to Kotaku, the Babycastles Summit exhibit was a way of bringing game creator Keita Takahasti’s crazy ideas to life, and it included this fully immersive Ms. Pac-Man game. Sadly, we don’t know much about how the interactive projection system came to be, but the 3D projection system comes via The Eluminati, which creates clever projectors and software for museums, and has even worked on projects for NASA.

While it may just be a simple projection of a typical game of Pac-Man, I’d still love to give sitting in a themed room a go—judging by the footage, the maze looks like it’s been adapted to a bigger area of play. It would probably be a little tricky when you need to eat up the pellets on the ceiling, though.

Now we just can’t wait to see them use Stereo 3D with their 3D gaming idea to take it to an all new level.


Source: www.techhive.com


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