Elixir brings us a new 3D TV glasses-free!

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Seeing more 3D TV coming out in the US always puts a smile on our faces and Elixir is working hard to bring more 3D TV to the US.


Just this week Elixir XES 3D and Viaduct International will unveil the first deployment of Elixir’s proprietary autostereoscopic, glasses free 3D TV Advertising Network. The location is the iconic Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City. Now resort guests will be able to experience advertising throughout the Tropicana property without the need for 3D glasses.

“Imagine having 3D screens that bring advertising to life in the virtual space, engaging guests and passersby with a jaw-dropping experience. This is exactly the type of opportunity Elixir XES and Viaduct now provide advertisers and resort guests at the Tropicana,” says John Kuri, CEO and co-founder of Elixir XES 3D (“E-XES”).

“Tropicana Casino and Resort is elated to be this first in the country to introduce this state-of-the-art experience to its guests,” said Steve Callender, Senior Vice President Casino Operations. “We are a premier entertainment destination who offers the latest technology and Elixir’s 3D TVs add the overall experience. Thanks to Elixir, our guests now have a 3D experience while checking-in, dining and gaming and we are already receiving positive feedback.”

Digital-out-of-Home (“DOOH”) advertising content is vastly enhanced through the eye-grabbing experience of 3D. Research published in the Journal of Advertising from multiple studies, completed by major Midwestern universities, of “the virtual experience” support the proposition that 3D advertising enhances presence, influences product knowledge, brand attitude, and purchase intention of consumers. In their research it was found that the passerby is 30% more likely to engage with a 3D ad, increasing “stopping power” for the advertiser as well as the experience for the consumer. Immediately acknowledging the consumer trend Madison Avenue’s advertising agencies have begun production of commercials in 3D.

“One of the limitations to the broad use of 3D has been the need for 3D glasses,” says Jim Young, CEO of Viaduct International. “With the launch of this proprietary technology, we have removed this barrier and can now bring the eye-popping, engaging experience of 3D to people outside the home and theater.”

The combination of E-XES’s hardware, software and delivery allows the advertiser to geo-target the consumer and realize more effective results of the advertiser’s media budget. Each monitor has its own IP address so E-XES 3D is able to deliver specific data to any monitor within its network, at any time specified by the program play list.

“We are a Sprint® Solutions Partner utilizing their 3G / 4G network for connectivity to and from our Network Operations Centers (“NOC”). That capability is the result of months of engineering and planning, with our Chief Technology Officer, Kenson Magny, working with the fine engineers Sprint® assigned to the project. As well, we have been working with the Broadcast Communications Division of Harris Corporation to manage delivery of our content data. All of us are very excited about this first deployment. The Tropicana, with the rich history the property evokes, is uniquely the perfect showcase,” says John Kuri.

About the technology

Elixir XES 3D technology, in the form of flat-screen LCD panels utilizes commercial grade 10-bit LCD panels. The proprietary software enables delivery of content with no greater demand on the data pipeline than is currently required for high-definition video. Further, the software suite is robust, enabling 2D to 3D conversion, on the fly. This capability in essence allows for the real time conversion of any 3D TV feed to be shown on the E-XES monitors without glasses.

Business models are based on either a revenue share of advertising / sponsored programming, or a hybrid that involves a base guarantee plus some sponsored programming supplemented by Video-On-Demand revenue from hospitality and hospital in-room television services.

About Elixir XES 3D

Elixir XES 3D, LLC, http://elixirxes3d.com, is a unique full spectrum media company co-founded by L.F. Dalmau and John Kuri, combining the specialties and knowledge of 3D technology from Mr. Dalmau’s Extreme Electronic Systems, Inc. and the design, development, production, and marketing experience of Elixir Entertainment, Inc.: http://elixirentertainment.info. Elixir brings 40 years of award winning experience in the creation of product for many companies within the entertainment sector such as MGM, 20th Century Fox, Disney, at both the studio and theme parks, and television networks such as ABC, NBC and TNT.


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