Glasses-free 3DTV experience coming soon?

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We’ve talked recently of the forward progression of glasses-free 3D TV and now Stream TV is trying to make that a very near reality.

Stream TV Networks used IFA to reveal plans to sell a 60-inch glasses-free 4K 3DTV. While exact pricing and delivery is not yet set, CEO Mathu Rajan told us in an interview that the TV should be available this year and sell for “about half the price of competitive glasses-free 2K x 4K 3DTVs.” He was referring to the Toshiba TV, which sells in Japan for about $10K to $11K.

The new glasses-free 3DTV will be dubbed Ultra-D 2160p. If the company and partners can deliver, this could be a very important breakthrough for the 3D market.

But there’s more! According to Rajan, these glasses-free 3DTVs will offer “unlimited viewing zones” with resolution per eye that is “well in excess of 2K.” Most of the demos of 4K glasses-free 3DTVs we have seen offer about 720p resolution per eye.

And, Stream TV can take native 3D 1080p content, adjust the parallax to create the multi-view 3D images and drive the 2160p display “without scaling.” He said their process was different than simply scaling FHD (1920×1080) content to QFHD (380×2160) resolution, which is what he claims others will do.

We have no idea how Stream TV can deliver can accomplish what Rajan describes above and he was unable, or unwilling to explain it on a technical level during our call. But, he did promise to set up a follow up meeting in New York to get a demo of the new TVs and hopefully explain how they achieve this level of performance. So until then, we will reserve judgement.

Stream TV’s first products to be available in the fall will be a 1080p 42-inch model. This will be followed by a 46-inch 1080p model and then the 60-inch 2160p model will release. Pricing will be determined by the brands, but Rajan suggested they would be priced at level comparable to similarly-featured glasses-based 3DTVs.

Stream TV has a manufacturing partnership in place with Pegatron and a TV branding and distribution deal in place with HiSense. HiSense has agreed to roll out a wide range of products based on the Stream TV display and conversion technology – and there are other brand partners yet to be announced, noted Rajan.

In terms of the geographic roll out, this will be determined by its brand partners. However, since HiSense has already been announced as a brand partner, it would certainly not be surprising to see the 42-, 46- and 60-inch glasses-free TVs roll out in China first. These TVs will ship with the Ultra-D SeeCube, an outboard converter box for taking 2D or 3D content and formatting it for the glasses-free TV (the 2160p TV will ship with the Super SeeCube device).

These TVs will also allow full control of the 3D experience including the amount of “pop” and depth volume.

TVs are going to be the first products to roll out, but Stream TV also plans to offer smartphones , tablets, laptops , all-in-one PCs and perhaps other products – all based on their Ultra-D glasses-free 3D technology. Again, Rajan suggested that displays with resolutions in the “2160p range” could show up in these smaller form factor devices as well.

All of this sounds really great. Let’s hope the image quality, price points and delivery time table all live up to the billing.




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