Holografika Will Unveil the First Full-angle 3D Light Field Display at IBC 2012

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Holografika will publicly launch the new generation HoloVizio monitor at IBC 2012.


Making the next step in 3D beyond stereo, to overcome the known limitations of auto-stereo multiview systems, Holografika is pushing proprietary light-field technology to produce natural 3D view.


The new 30” HoloVizio 80WLT 3D light field display offers total freedom in viewing experience, with continuous parallax in the entire field-of-view, allowing even to look behind the objects. No sweet spots, no invalid zones or repeated views, no ideal viewing distance, viewers can be anywhere in front of the display. The full-angle geometrically correct view is achieved through reconstructing all the light beams leaving the holoscreen even under extreme angles in a range up to 180 degrees.


The 3D image is built up by 73 million pixels provided by microdisplays with RGB LED illumination. The monitor has multiple dual-DVI inputs to back the bandwidth needed to feed this amount of 3D data.


The 30” monitor is intended for professional markets, like medical, scientific applications and where collaborative 3D visualization and authentic full-reconstruction of 3D data is a minimum requirement.  The first units of HoloVizio 80WLT will be shipped from beginning of 2013.


The rest of the Press Rlease can be read here.


About Holografika:
   Holografika Ltd. is a Hungarian 3D display company developing proprietary 3D technologies and HoloVizioTM displays. Holografika offers a high-end solution for the glassless, true 3D visualization. The patented light field technology provides a natural 3D view in a wide FOV with a continuous horizontal motion parallax unlike other 3D visualization solutions. It can also serve as a basis for future 3D television, free of eye-fatigue or headaches, frequently encountered while watching other 3D technologies.
   The company’s current product line includes monitor-type 3D displays for professional markets such as medical, CAD, security and gaming. Large-scale 72″ 3D displaying systems for collaborative applications in oil&gas exploration, telepresence, simulation, entertainment, like theme parks. The company also offers 45” kiosks for promotion, event rental and digital signage.
   The Holovizio platform in development covers the range from the card-sized 3D mobile platform up to the glasses-free 3D cinema with several meters diagonal holoscreen, (see video (in 2D) ) that can also be applied with different interactive 3D applications in  edutainment, location based  entertainment, virtual reality systems and sport simulators, e.g. screen golf , etc.
   The company is working on 3D camera systems and 3D light field format for end-to-end 3D systems.
Holografika was selected as Red Herring Top 100 Europe and WEF Technology Pioneer, the HoloVizio technology has got several awards from the EU and Hungary.
Find out more: www.holografika.com
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