How much bigger will 3D technology get?

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As we have been seeing, 3D technology has been growing more and more and now people are questioning how much broader 3D can get.

A discussion on how to develop 3D technologies has been launched Wednesday in Hollywood.

And China, whose 3D technologies had made remarkable progress over the past years, also has a share in the world-renowned 3D Entertainment Summit.

The two-day summit features a wide range of events including panel discussions, 3D exhibition and 3D musical performances. The forum attracts many elites from the industry.

SOUNDBITE: ANTHONY COOGAN, Producer of Sawdust Productions
“The only way that we are going to be able to expand the whole market is with quality content. And quality content will create sales for 3D TVs, it brings broadcasters and will bring sponsors which is the most important.”

Given China’s impressive development on 3D technologies and its opening up of distribution quotas for 3D films, this year’s summit specifically hosts a “3D Opportunity in China” panel, trying to shed lights on the country’s rising 3D industry.

“As we all know, Titanic had a great results with 50 million US dollars in China, you can see that people really really like it, so we’re gonna see this encourages more local productions in 3D as some of the exporting of 3D.”

“So what I think will happen is, now they maybe buy a lot of international contents from guys like me, but I think in the future there will be more and more Chinese 3D productions, so now what we start to do is to form local partners like local production companies to produce 3D contents in China and for China, which I think will be very interesting.”

The 3D Entertainment Summit welcomes its fifth birthday this year. Many experts believe that a long-term success of 3D is ensured, given the formidable 3D consumptions and the convergence of a wide variety of entertainment forms including theatrical, TV, Games, and home entertainment.

SOUNDBITE: MAT LISZT, Vice President of Master Image
“It’s getting better and better, I think that what we’ll see is the diversity of contents, it started very focused in the cinema business, now we know that there are 37 different channels for broadcast level that are happening worldwide.”




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