Meduza Systems Announces Availability of TITAN 3D Camera and World Tour

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The Meduza TITAN, the first fully- controllable, lightweight, 3D precision single HD camera will be ‘Live on Stage’ at the IBC convention Amsterdam at Hall 9.


With two 1080p CMOS sensors and a 3ality Technica integrated remote control system for focus , iris, IA and convergence control, Meduza offers a full professional solution for 3D television production.

Meduza will begin shipping deliveries of the TITAN System from November 2012, but in the meantime, IBC will be the launchpad for a worldwide series of demonstration events that will cover more than 26 countries.


According to Chris Cary, CEO of the Irvine-based Meduza Systems Ltd, developer of the TITAN, the tour, which will cover more than 26 countries in the next 6 months, including Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, Italy, Norway, China, Singapore and Malaysia, will bring the TITAN directly to the doorstep of rental houses, producers and broadcasters to demonstrate how they can now produce high-level and fully-controllable S3D effortlessly and at considerably lower cost. “We are so excited by the camera’s capability and flexibility and have so many companies waiting for demonstrations that we decided to go on the road and show off what we have” says Cary.


A Truly Professional and Controllable Single-Camera S3D Solution

The Meduza TITAN has been one of the most talked about and anticipated developments in S3D production since its announcement 18 months ago, and has progressed rapidly from concept and invention to delivery. “Previewing our concept for a fully integrated, fully controllable, modular S3D camera in 2011, was an unprecedented step,” says Cary. “From the beginning we wanted to show the industry what we were capable of building, that someone was thinking outside of the box and was finally going to build a truly professional and controllable single-camera S3D solution. During the last few months we have been perfecting the software and hardware modularity systems so that in the longer term, our customers will have invested in the fully flexible and interchangeable system including the high-speed, 4K and other sensor variations we promised them.”


The rest of the Press Release can be read here.


About Meduza Systems Ltd

Meduza Systems Ltd is dedicated to servicing the growing demand within the professional film and television community for a complete and technically advanced 3D image capturing system. The company’s objective is to develop an imaging system that solves the single camera problem within an architecture that can be constantly upgraded to keep pace with the growth of the industry and advancing technology. The system’s requirements are versatility, flexibility, and the capability of being upgraded and adapted to match the pace of developing sensor and optical technology and to deliver visual images at the highest resolution possible at all times. The TITAN has been designed to fill the void in the market with compatibility in all of the production environments and in any industry, from sport, to live events, to hand held natural history productions and drama. The TITAN has been created to provide a purpose built tool for the television industry. Above all, the company’s mission is to create a stereoscopic digital 3D camera that will be upgradable, never be obsolete and that can constantly strive to meet the growing and changing needs of its customers.




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