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Looking to update an old favorite computer game, E3 shows off their newest 3D PC game similar to the Sims.

“SimCity” has been overrun by the next generation of simulation game competitors. Tuesday morning at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, EA laid out their blueprints to make “SimCity” thrive again, with a new Facebook version and a supercharged 3D reboot version of their legendary PC game.

If it “Sims” like a long time since the last updated version of “SimCity”, that’s because it has been. The last update to SimCity was 2007’s not-much-ballyhooed “SimCity Societies”. Since then, Zynga’s “FarmVillle” has moved in and paved over all competitors in the simulation game sector.

The full EA press conference from E3 is online, and the Sims component begins at the 34:49 mark. Maxis VP of Production Lucy Bradshaw explains the new SimCity Social game for Facebook, and previews the upcoming new 3D “SimCity”. You have to log in with your age and birth date to watch the press conference, even though nothing dirty happens in the webcast.

“One of our best known franchises, ‘SimCity’, has seen a lot of imitators over the years,” Ms. Bradshaw said at E3. “I’m very happy to say that we’re gaining back our crown as king of the city builders.”

That’s what they hope, at least, by bringing “SimCity” to Facebook . Facebook players will be able to “move” into their friends’ cities and interact within their civic structures – while possibly bringing disasters and crime sprees with them. The game interface is highly simplified, and the graphics are, well, highly Zynga-fied. This version of “SimCity” is designed for the new user or “FarmVille” switcher. SimCity Social directly mocks it’s big city competitor with the phrase, “More city. Less ville”.

No launch date was announced for SimCity Social, with Ms. Bradshaw saying that it would be available “in just a few weeks.” The trailer for SimCity Social is online.

EA also presented a trailer for the new 3D “SimCity” reboot that will be launched in February 2013. Entitled simply “SimCity”, the new reboot will feature formidable zoning and planning tools, with detailed statistical analysis. Roads can actually be curved! The new SimCity will offer vast multiplayer modes, interactivity between cities, and fantastically detailed graphics that make the “Madden” franchise look like Atari Pong. Check out the trailer for “SimCity” 3D .

“SimCity” was the most popular simulation game on the block before the social networking craze. Even with a suite of impressive new games and updates, getting that popularity back won’t be so Sim-ple.




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