Steven Spielberg goes ‘Big’ with 3D

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Nay Sayers or not, 3D is moving forward and recruiting big names as it goes as Steven Spielberg converts to 3D!

The revolution has begun. With the announcements that Indiana Jones was returning to the big screen and Raiders of the Lost Ark was getting a 70mm IMAX re-release came a series of interviews on NY Times and Yahoo profiling Steven Spielberg. The features focus on his interest in 70mm IMAX, converting and restoring the Indiana Jones series, and even a little bit on 3D and his future plans. Even though we already mentioned this in the Indy news earlier, it’s worth pointing on its own. I’m talking about the quote that Spielberg is considering using IMAX cameras for Robopocalypse, his next big sci-fi robot spectacular.

One of Spielberg’s best quotes comes from the NY Times Q&A. “This was Greg Foster’s idea, actually – he’s the head of Imax [Film] and it was his idea to give Raiders an interesting launching point before the Blu-ray hits the streets, to come out in all 275 of Imax’s North American theaters. I remember the days when we used to go to the Cinerama Dome or the Ziegfeld in New York, to see the 70mm exclusive engagements. When I first started watching Raiders on the big Imax screen not too long ago, it reminded me of those old event-ized days.” Exactly! That’s why I love IMAX, but only when it’s shot on IMAX. Is that a possibility?

Interesting, very interesting. My hope is that he takes a look at the 70mm footage, is amazed by it (as he should be), and dives head first into the IMAX world. I would love to see a Spielberg-shot sci-fi movie on IMAX, shot with IMAX, looking and sounding bigger and better than ever. But he’s not dwelling too much on the technicals, as he adds “the person who was shooting Raiders at that time is still giving advice to the person who’s making pictures today, not the other way around… He’s telling me to do what you did back in 1981: ‘Stop thinking. Less thought, more action.'” If that means getting into it and really trying to see if 70mm IMAX cameras can be used in a Spielberg sci-fi production, we should let him get right back to work.

Our last update on Robopocalypse was a in late July regarding Chris Hemsworth being pursued as the lead. His involvement has not been confirmed yet. What we do know is that Robopocalypse, which will start shooting this year, is about a robot uprising and already has a April 25th, 2014 release date. “It’s a movie about a global war between man and machine… It’s about the consequences of creating technologies which make our lives easier, and what happens when that technology becomes smarter than we are,” Spielberg said recently. I’m already insanely excited for another Spielberg sci-fi, I just hope he shoots some of it on IMAX.




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