The 3-Definitive Collection: The Best of 3D

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3D Content Hub announced today the release of the “Best of 3D” bluray. This collection from 13 filmmakers contains 15 individual films ranging from 4 to 30 minutes totaling whopping 190 minutes of spectacular 3D.

3DGuy has contributed 30 minutes of spectacular 3D underwater footage to this best of 3-D collection.

Amazingly this 3D collection has set new sales records already. Pre-sales on Amazon UK have hit #3! This is the first time an independent title has reached beyond the #5 position. “Best of 3D” BluRay had a higher pre-sale rate than either Avatar or Spiderman.

Additionally, 3D Content Hub founder Torsten Hoffman is fully expecting a sales record in Germany.
“Our research shows that the German-speaking 3D Home Entertainment market is the largest in the world with most 3D BluRays, more than hundred titles, available to consumers today. Hence, this is where we started our project. The ‘Best of 3D’ compilation is a selection of the most awesome 3D content from all over the world. We want to give new owners of 3D TVs a BluRay to try out, or shall we say, show off their new hardware.” In the next few months the label is rolling out this BluRay in other markets, notably France, UK, Ireland, and India. However, no partners have been identified for the USA and Canada yet.”

Al Caudullo of 3D Guy has stated that he is proud to be a part of this amazing breakthrough 3D release. An upcoming 3D video will highlight more 3D content from Al Caudullo and his 3D team.
Below is the full press release.

New 3D BluRay label ‘3DContentHub’ is releasing a unique compilation with the intention to bring a big selection of world-class stereoscopic 3D content from 13 filmmakers to consumers at a low price point. Early traction and pre-orders suggest an imminent sales record in Germany. International rollout to come up in Q4.

The idea of releasing a compilation disc with various titles from different genres is unique. The ‘Best of 3D’ BluRay contains 15 individual films, ranging from 4 to 30 minutes and totalling 190 minutes. The international production effort was immense: Thirteen independent film crews and production companies have created their content in South Africa, Namibia, Thailand, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, UK, Italy, Galapagos, India, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, and the Easter Islands. Some of the films are using cutting-edge technology, such as capturing at 2,000 frames per second (fps) or under extreme conditions like underwater, or while skydiving. One of the most daunting feats in 3D productions, however, must surely be the short excerpts from Stormsurfers 3D, the Australian surfing legends that seek to ride the largest waves on the planet. Operating a small handheld 3D camera while surfing the world’s biggest waves, surely is without parallel. The awardwinning animation titles from Breakthru Films, a studio that recently won the Oscar (Academy Award) are also among the highlights. Some of the other filmmakers have contributed music videos, action sports or wildlife documentaries. “3D Content Hub has been our key partner in making Alligator Kingdom 3D the best-selling independent 3D documentary worldwide,” said Michael
Watchulonis, Emmy-nominated Executive Producer of 3DigitalVision. “We are proud to have our film on the ‘Best of 3D’ BluRay and reach an even larger audience.” The timescapes from Easter Island by visual artist Hololab and a 3D photoslideshow by travel photographer Ralph Wagner are also among the most popular segments.


As part of the 8-page booklet, Jonathan Tustain of 3D Focus, a well-known expert in the 3D industry, has agreed to write an easy to follow practical guide for people new to 3D entertainment. Judging from the previous ‘upcoming releases’ rankings, the fact that the title has sold out after only three days, customer reviews, and the current sales statistics the disc is on track to become the best-selling BluRay by independent producers. “In terms of sales we clearly have entered Hollywood territory and are thrilled to roll out this BluRay to more territories”. This is the label’s first BluRay with 3DigitalVision’s ‘FireAnts 3D – the invincible Army’, and the EBS/Smithsonian production ‘Angkor 3D – Land of Gods’ following in the next few weeks. The company is already working on part 2 of the ‘Best of 3D’ compilation and is seeking independent 3D producers as well as distribution partners, says Hoffmann.


3D Content Hub is an Australian-based content distribution company and BluRay label specializing in stereoscopic 3D. The firm now represents 100 hours of stereoscopic content by 25 producers from more than a dozen countries and has signed 3D distribution deals in more than 45 territories.




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